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Sixth Form (A Levels)

A Levels (Levels 5 & 6)

A Levels are the gold standard in advanced level school-age education. Highly valued in most countries around the globe, A Levels unlock university education to millions of ambitious students, who will power the economies of the future and lead society in key areas of responsibility. 

Entry to A Levels

One of the unique advantages of attending L&T School is that we teach in Levels, which allows your child to access the curriculum at their current level of potential attainment as opposed to their age. Levels 5 and 6 broadly equate to Year 12 and Year 13 in the UK education system. Students usually enter Level 5 when they turn 16 before the start of the Autumn term. However, if your child demonstrates a particularly high academic ability for their age in a particular subject, then they may take an A Level course from age 12 upwards. In addition, we expect students to have achieved at least a Level 7 (UK grading system) or Grade A in their (I) GCSE exam of their chosen A Level subject. Sometimes, it is possible to enter an A Level course without having studied that subject at GCSE; please refer to the A Level subject guides below for further information.

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