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Interactive online schools are at the forefront of modern education, combining cutting-edge technology with dynamic teaching methods to create an engaging and effective learning experience. These schools leverage the power of the internet to deliver curriculum content, foster collaboration among students, and provide real-time interaction with instructors.

Key features of interactive online schools include:

  1. Live Virtual Classrooms: Students can attend live classes from anywhere with an internet connection. These classes feature real-time interactions with teachers and fellow students, promoting active engagement and discussion.

  2. Multimedia Learning: Interactive online schools utilize a variety of multimedia resources such as videos, animations, simulations, and interactive quizzes to make learning more engaging and interactive.

  3. Collaborative Tools: Students can collaborate on group projects, engage in discussions, and seek help from peers through online discussion forums, chat rooms, and collaborative tools.

  4. Personalized Learning: Many interactive online schools use adaptive learning technologies to tailor the curriculum to individual student needs, helping learners progress at their own pace.

  5. Accessible Resources: All course materials, lectures, and resources are available online, ensuring that students can access them at any time, fostering flexibility in their learning.

  6. Feedback and Assessment: Interactive online schools provide instant feedback on assignments and assessments, allowing students to track their progress and make necessary improvements.

These schools are well-suited for a variety of learners, including those seeking flexibility due to work or personal commitments, those in remote locations, or those who thrive in technology-rich environments.

Primary Prep

Ages 8 – 10

L&T School Primary Prep pupils get off to the best possible start in English, mathematics, science, humanities and arts.

Lower School

Ages 11 – 13

Confidence and skills are honed. A love of the discrete subjects is fostered towards deeper knowledge and understanding. Pupils are prepared for the rigours of the examination courses of the Upper School.

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Upper School

Ages 14 – 16

Pupils confidently apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to attain success in their chosen examination subjects – international GCSEs. Expert MA/PhD subject specialist teachers in tiny, controlled, inspiring, interactive classes ensure success.

Sixth Form

Ages 17 – 19

L&T School Home School’s world-class MA/PhD subject specialist teachers, offer an unrivalled opportunity for students to attain the highest A Level grades, and to progress to the world’s elite Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Harvard and Yale.

How to apply

Our school is nearly always full, with very few school places!