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Home School is the best online selective school in the UK

The school is almost always full with only a very few school places being offered each year. Most parents will register their children a year or two before they intend to enrol and take their place on the waiting list. However, if you need a school place urgently it may be possible, particularly if your child is an exceptional student.

For more detailed information about the school’s admission and selection process please follow the link below, thank you.

About Its School

World-class education

All of these advantages mean that our pupils enjoy a world-class education and maximise their opportunities for top grades, for networking with like-minded highly motivated intelligent pupils, for progression to the world’s elite Universities including Cambridge, Oxford and the top US Universities. Top Universities mean the best career prospects and the best life possible for your child.

Unsurprisingly, given the unique opportunity and the limited school places available, Cambridge Home School is oversubscribed. However, school places do become available in time so register your child today!

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