Annual School Fees

The school is nearly always full and very few places are available each year!

Some places may be available so it is always worth joining the waiting list – complete the registration form and enter WAITING LIST in the voucher box.

If you need a school place urgently we advise parents to complete the enhanced application – click here.

Many top employers offer to pay school fees! The school is happy to invoice employers on parents’ behalf.

Annual Fees

£9,450 GBP

(approx. $13,000 USD / 11,000 EUR / 925,000 RUB / 940,000 INR / 2m PKR / 185,000 ZAR / ¥84,000 CNY / 46,000 AED / 48,000 SAR / 98,000 HKD) 

Primary Prep School fees

£5,000 GBP

Academic Achievement

Exceptional Grades – June 2022

Another incredible year!

  • 43% of all grades achieved at GCSE by our students were A* Grades
  • 1/3 of our students achieved all A* grades at GCSE
  • 94% of grades obtained by our students at GCSE were A*- B grades
  • 89% of the GCSE English Language grades obtained by our students were A*
  • 100% of GCSE Further Maths grades obtained by our students were A*
  • 100% of GCSE Statistics grades obtained by our students were A*
  • 100% of GCSE Geography grades obtained by our students were A*/A
  • 100% A-Level pass rate for our students and all have received offers at top universities

Late Joiner Policy

ItSchool generally only accepts pupils to start in September. This is due to the disruption to teaching and learning caused by students joining the school late in the academic year. However, in exceptional cases, the school may be prepared to accept late joiners. In such circumstances, parents must demonstrate their commitment to the school by paying the school fees for the remaining school terms and fees for the following academic year. There is an extremely high demand for the limited school places available each year and only the most committed parents are accepted.

Payment Invoice available upon request.

Pay school fees now to secure your school places!

Live Sessions Are Recorded

All daily LIVE lessons are video-recorded making it possible for students around the globe to study at a British School based in Cambridge UK with superior qualified (PhD/MA/Msc) specialist teachers in tiny groups.