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Lower School (Key Stage 3)

Lower School (Key Stage 3)

Lower school is where pupils really discover their love for subjects and learn the fundamentals. Lower school is all about building the confidence and skills that will equip pupils for further study.

Lower school pupils are typically 11-14 years old. However, age is less important than academic level. There is little point in progressing pupils to higher levels before they are ready or holding back advanced pupils who are capable of higher level study. The school will place pupils in classes that are appropriate to their level rather than their age with parent agreement.

Our Cambridge-based Lower school delivers daily online lessons via Microsoft Teams at times that are appropriate to families in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our fun and engaging lessons are taught during the working day and finish at 3pm in the UK and a little later in Asian countries (we have a different timetable for Asian countries) to ensure children are alert and ready to learn and to enable parents to work if they need to. However, the school day can be extended significantly as pupils have over 20 FREE extra-curricular clubs available to them where they can socialise with their classmates in activities as varied as Chess, Baking, Debating, Acting, Arts, Craft, Music, Languages, Creative writing and many more. Additionally, the school offers myriad competitions and challenges that encourage pupils to develop both online and offline real-world knowledge and skills. The school also offers Lower school pupils and their parents the opportunity to join our visiting lecture series where world-renowned experts share their lives and achievements and offer their unique wisdom, experiences and insights. Of course there is plenty of homework to be getting on with too. We know that the time parents have available to their children varies hugely and the ability to be able to extend the school day is invaluable to many families – children need to be kept stimulated and happy and we can do that very well indeed.

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